All About Appverything

Appverything Services is a boutique app & web development company that makes specialized products and services. We are in the industry since 2013, creating our own in-house apps, as well as native mobile apps for clients.

In our mission, we focus mainly on 3 key pillars. Pursue unique mobile app projects, both native & hybrid. Two, undertake niche IoT projects from development to application. And lastly, create web applications and supporting web site development.

Appverything has multiple supporting business collaboration with relevant solution providers, ranging from system integration experts, event management, business marketers, turnkey application providers, branding and hardware manufacturers.


Solutions we Provide

We made them easy

Mobile Native Apps

Across popular mobile devices

We are a one stop solution provider, be in HTML5, Android or iOS apps.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Cordova & Ionic Development

Uncomplicated projects do not require native development. We take your web platform and change it into an app.

Internet of Things

We make them too!

We are familiar with IoT architecture framework. With supporting hardware experts, we integrate our resources and build your vision.


We plan the flow and designs for you

UI/UX is not an easy task for new entrepreneurs. Leave it to us to map a fuss-free design for you.

Web & Offline Applications

We offer and customise Management Tools

Ranging from ERP, MRP, HR or POS systems, we have solutions that span across intranet, over-the-web and mobile platforms.

Web Interfaces & Websites

Compliment your products & services

Websites improves customers’ perception and your corporate image. We make your websites responsive for everyday mobile devices.

We design Native & Hybrid Apps

Build your Internet of Things


It is exciting that internet brought the entire world together and created connections that wasn’t possible in the past. So you can imagine how IoT (Internet of Things) will transform the way we do things in the future.
Be it unifying sensors to a software, re-purposing old tech to new products or monitoring a piece of equipment remotely at your fingertips, we will assist you in your quest in connecting everyday things.

We design for Web too

  • WordPress

  • Ecommerce

  • HTML5

  • CMS

  • Drupal

  • Magento

  • Joomla

  • SEO

Couple of Our Works


Our Philosophy

Philosophy We Strive For

At Appverything, we deliver the best solution and product in the best possible way for our clients and ourselves. We believe strongly in learning from our colleagues and peers, to strike a balance between passion and development integrity. We do not seek out the common answers or the fastest path, rather, we pursue critical innovation, challenges and its opportunities.

The Things We do

Mobile Native Apps
Mobile Hybrid Apps
Web Applications & Website Design
IoT Development

Management Team


Kahoo Ho


Bernard Chen

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